Friday, July 30, 2010

What is the most resilient parasite? ... Ellen Page

Okay, I admit it's true. The only reason I went to see the movie Inception was for Ellen Page. What can I say? She is GORGEOUS. While this was the reason I went, it most definitely not the reason I am in love with this film (although it is a big plus).

If you have yet to see it, minimize this page, put your shoes on and get to the cinema. Hurry.

... Back? Okay good! Now let's talk!
First off, any movie that the opening scene is good enough to be used a second time later in the show has to be amazing. I really love when that happens. You kind of get a "full circle" understanding of the story. Speaking of the story, it was mind blowing. Sorry if you STILL haven't seen it, you will be going in with your mind pre-blown. The whole idea of dream-sharing and extraction and especially inception the taste buds of the imagination. While yes, these ideas are fictional (or are they?), they have triggered an interesting change in me.

Before I saw this movie, I had a very difficult time remembering dreams. They were always out of reach on the edges of my subconscious. After spending two and a half hours in a dark theater, something happened. I remember my dreams now! In excitingly vibrant new colors!

How was the acting? Top notch. When I first saw that Leonardo DiCaprio was in it, I almost didn't want to see it. Despite the fact that the ex-teenage-heart-throb is getting old, he is now one of my favorite actors. I was surprised to find Joseph Gordon-levitt (whom I was raised on: Angels in the Outfield, Third Rock from the Sun, Ten Things I Hate About You, etc.) in such a serious and action-driven role, but I enjoyed every minute of it. Oh yeah, and Ellen Page... ahh.... Ellen.... need I say more?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Power Tools in the Bathroom

Recently I've been thinking about space and what is filling it. You see, one of the two bathrooms in my house has been under renovations (for about five years). Now, besides all the normal stuff to have in a bathroom (tissue paper, air freshener, hand sanitizer, etc.), there is a number of miscellaneous object that seem slightly out of place: Wood, A Christmas Tree, Ductwork, Hockey Sticks, Snow Board and Boots, Puzzles, Closet Doors (still in box), Tiling Equipment, and Power Tools. On top of all this, the only thing that should be in a bathroom that works is the toilet. That's just a minor setback. Maybe this is the summer it gets put back together.

I share a bedroom with three little brothers. It's cramped, messy, and of course it doesn't smell so great. This wouldn't bother me... if we didn't have another bedroom downstairs. It is unoccupied.... by a person, that is. This "Spare Room", as we call it, is full of things that should go in a shed: Camping Gear, Scouting stuff, an old Dining Room Table, Chairs, Craft Supplies, Pine Wood Derby wreckage, and a lot more. What can I say? Things just aren't where they're supposed to be. My dad is set on building a garage, but I know that if we do, there won't be room to park the car.

You should see my closet.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Conversation Hearts taste Horrible

Singles Awareness Day: Your best friend ditches you to hang out with a girl. What an awesome holiday.

Mr. Cupid is on my hit list. This will be my seventeenth consecutive year without a valentine. At least we've all got blogs, yes? And jolly good friends who cheer us up. Here is a valentines haiku:

Dearest Sir Cupid,
Your aim is less than awesome.
You're fired, dog.

I suppose I'll keep my chin up. On the bright side, I'll know the ceiling better than anyone else in the house.

Nose Rings and Other Things

Have you ever wondered why the bulls in old cartoons had nose rings? Yes, it did make them look very hardcore, but there had to be some reason. The nose ring was in face a behavioral tool. A shock collar if you will. If you were a big bad rodeo bull with a rambunctious attitude, some cowpoke would just shove a ring through your nose and pull you around by it. I highly doubt that would feel too good. Knowing this, seeing people with nose rings is gonna be pretty tough. he he he.....